Watch for these LIKELY SUSPECTS original interactive murder mysteries


Casablanca Express

As you flee across war torn North Africa you have an appointment with murder. You may be a black marketeer, a Nazi sympathizer, or at the mercy of both wondering how you'll ever escape Casablanca.


The Maltese Murders

You are riding the rails with dangerous characters who fanatically pursue an ancient object d'art. Supposedly, the Falcon was smuggled out of the Far East shortly before Japan conquered China. Someone said it was, "The stuff that dreams are made of." But are dreams made of murder and mayhem?


Marriage is Murder

American industrialist Spencer Tracy is marrying off his only daughter to worthless playboy Micky Fisher. Do the top secret Tracy gunsights used in the bombing runs over Berlin have anything to do with the spies on board? Will there ever be enough good men to marry with this damn war going on? Tune in.


The Reunion Murders

A twenty year class reunion also commemorates the mysterious death of Jean Harlow. Most of her classmates have lingering doubts about whether the hit and run was really an accident. Although the case is officially closed, Milton Harlow has no doubts; he believes his daughter was murdered and he demands justice.


A Part to Die For

You've been sent on a casting call with a neurotic Hollywood director. Napolean DeMille's last film was a flop. How did he finance this one? What about the mysterious deaths connected with his past productions? And why are there so many stars auditioning who claim to hate the director and swore that they would never work with him again?


Have a Holly Jolly Murder

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are holding Santa N. Claus as a material witness in the murder of an elf. The Mounties declared the Pole a crime scene and allowed Santa one phone call. He rang Mrs. Claus in Florida. She hired a couple of flaky gumshoes - Scrooge and Marley. Their mission... shadow a suspicious elf.